Too Many Meetings

Too many meetings?

Many of our clients are reporting their ‘real’ work only happens before 9am and after 5pm as they spend the rest of the day bouncing between meetings. Microsoft report a 252% increase in the weekly time spend in meetings for

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How can we thrive at work?

What is Wellbeing Strategy? Wellbeing strategy is far more than gym vouchers and virtual drinks on a Friday. Creating work environments where individuals can thrive is a complex equation of organisational culture multiplied by leadership behaviours plus employee ownership of

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Four or Against?

Up Rising’s thoughts on the four-day working week. You may have read that companies across the UK and Ireland are trialling a four-day working week.   The aim? To measure whether employees can operate at 100% productivity even when they work

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What is company culture?

Company culture is how you experience work.   A company’s culture is the sum of how individuals behave at work.  It’s the individual micro-decisions you and your employees make on a day-to-day basis – how you use email, ​the importance of punctuality, etiquette

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