Culture Case Study: Ve Global UK

What’s it like to work with Up Rising Human Capital? 

Ve Global is a leading global digital optimisation organisation. Over the course of 2021, Up Rising worked with 20 participants from their leadership team to deliver an impactful culture change.  

Ve Global’s CEO had reached out to Up Rising with the hope of pulling together a more coherent culture following a period of change and challenge. The organisation had multiple, disparate cultures which had grown out of previous management and strategies.  

What did we do?

We worked closely with the CEO, leadership team and the employees to firstly understand the pain points, the golden nuggets and the opportunity. 

Once we understood where they were (and why) we supported them to create their desired company culture based around a refreshed set of Ve Values that would enable that company culture to flourish. 

We supported the leadership team to go on their own development journeys to understand how their own values and (most importantly) behaviours aligned with the Ve Values and what change they wanted to influence and create personally. 

These leaders were then empowered to trickle these values down to the rest of the business (a top-down approach to company culture, see our blog post Understanding Company Culture and Assessing Your Own). The result being an organisation that at the end of its intervention journey works in a much more cohesive and coherent way, with teams experiencing the feeling of togetherness and belonging that is needed to work successfully towards a common goal.  

The Up Rising culture intervention methodology is individual to each organisation that we work with. The programme was therefore tailored bespoke for Ve to deliver on their specific needs and get to the heart of their cultural challenges efficiently.  

The results speak for themselves  

Over the period we worked with Ve Global, they saw an increase in their net promoter score from –66% to +29%. 

This huge increase is testament to their highly engaged leadership team and forward-thinking attitude, resulting in much improved communication, broken down silos and an up-skilled leadership team. Below are comments from just a couple of the leaders we worked with:  

Personally, I got some insight into me as a leader and was able to shine a light into some areas of my leadership style and management style to figure out how I need to improve and what I can do to make sure that my team can operate at the highest possible level. As well as how I can grow as a leader in the future, so that I can take on things in a way that is beneficial for the company as well as myself.  

Nick Roberts, Director of Demand Generation 

For me one of the most impactful things was having our values defined and what we can see as a result of that, is that we are able to live them every week in front of the whole company. 

Letizia Curti, Director of Strategy and Execution  

To hear more from Ve’s wonderful employees on how their culture intervention journey has benefited them watch our Ve case study video

If you believe a culture intervention or leadership programme like the ones seen at Ve could benefit your organisation, or would simply like to find out more don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the about page. This third and final blog concludes our three-part series on culture, to be notified of future insights follow us on LinkedIn. 

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