Our Services: Leadership

From large-scale leadership programmes that work within a broader culture strategy to executive coaching and retreats, we are experts in creating authentic, successful leaders.

Leadership Programmes

We design and deliver bespoke leadership programmes that really work. Whether as part of a culture programme or on a standalone basis, your leaders will emerge more effective, emotionally intelligent and ready to drive employee wellbeing and performance.

1-2-1 Leadership + Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching philosophy is that a successful coach should always be both highly qualified and accredited but also with relevant senior industry or management experience. From CEOs of global companies to emerging professional leaders our coaching drives emotionally intelligent leadership, resilience, performance, change and wellbeing.

Leader Workshops

We are experts in engaging your leaders on topics that help them create meaningful change in their work and lives. We can link these to your strategic wellbeing objectives or deliver from a menu of impactful topics from stress management to emotionally authentic leadership.

Driving Female Leadership

We are industry leaders in supporting female leadership.

We can support your women through coaching, leadership development training and bespoke 1-2-1 support. We also support you to drive diversity through emerging female leader programmes.

Leader Retreats

Our leader retreats help you hone your skills, define your style and build relationships as a leadership team. These intensive programmes help you challenge your thinking and build your business for the future. Fully bespoke, like everything we do, our retreats can be tailored to fit your timescales and goals and can also be supported by ongoing coaching.

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