Miles Pulver.

Psychotherapist and Executive Coach

Miles Pulver – Psychotherapist and Executive Coach

Miles is an experienced psychotherapist, specialising in working with executives and leaders from professional, commercial & entrepreneurial environments. He works in private practice and in organisations.

Miles’s affinity to work with business leaders on enhancing their mental wellbeing, emotional development and relational skills, derives from his own business background. Before becoming a psychotherapist and coach, Miles had a professional and commercial career. He gained a First in law at Oxford, and became a corporate finance solicitor in a City law firm. He then did a stint as a Government lawyer in Whitehall, before moving in-house as commercial director of a real estate developer. He understands commercial & professional environments, as well as the City and Whitehall.

He trained initially in well-grounded psychodynamic and attachment-oriented psychotherapy (including having a sub-specialism in relationship work). He has gone on to add an extensive suite of contemporary, proactive, neuro-informed psychotherapy modalities. He aims for depth transformation with an engaged coaching style.


  • Effective & productive emotional self management
  • Relational & empathy skills building
  • Whole Brain Leadership
  • Undoing negative self states (such as impostor syndrome)


  • MA Psychoanalytic Couples Psychotherapy (Tavistock Relationships)
  • Cert Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
  • Cert Emotionally Focused Therapy – ICEEFT
  • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy – L3
  • Process Oriented Psychology – Phase 2
  • Additional trainings in: EMDR; Brainspotting; Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems (CIMBS);


  • Adult emotional development
  • West German fat lava pottery, discovering new podcasts and woodland walks

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