Our Services: Coaching

We are true coaching experts, empowering your leaders to connect with their purpose, inspire others, create high performance teams and lead with emotional intelligence and empathy to ultimately help your organisation function at its best.

1-2-1 Leadership + Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching philosophy is that a successful coach should always be both highly qualified and accredited but also with relevant senior industry or management experience. From CEOs of global companies to emerging professional leaders our coaching drives emotionally intelligent leadership, resilience, performance, change and wellbeing.

Who we coach

  • C-SUITE – aimed at senior leaders looking to evolve their leadership style, enhance their impact and create a professional legacy
  • LEADERSHIP – aimed at emerging or experienced leaders who are keen to articulate their leadership style, work with purpose and confidence, building a team culture that is fulfilling, performance-led and emotionally intelligent
  • C-SUITE TRANSITION – aimed at supporting leaders transitioning into a new role or organisation. This coaching is focused on the pre-transition and post-100 days period to ensure that you land with presence, strategic direction and with a plan
  • CAREER – aimed at leaders at all levels, we support individuals looking to gain clarity on what’s important to them professionally and personally, build resilience and confidence, creating positive change and optimism for their professional futures
  • PARENTAL TRANSITION – specifically focused on the impact on careers of becoming a parent including navigating parental leave, managing your return, building confidence, and handling the increased mental load 
  • FEMALE LEADERSHIP – aimed at high potential female leaders who are keen to find a create their own career strategy supporting them to navigate a path whilst being authentic and aligned with their overall purpose.

About our coaching

Our executive, leadership, transition and career coaching programmes focus on developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, greater resilience and wellbeing so that leaders are able to flourish in today’s working culture of change and challenge.

Our coaches are unique in that they all have deep and relevant industry experience and understand the challenges faced by modern leaders, as well as being highly trained, accredited and regularly supervised.

We work with individuals throughout their career lifecycles from emerging leaders to senior leaders looking to craft their professional legacy and exit strategies to those new in role needing transition support and those experiencing life changes such as becoming a working parent or finding themselves at a career crossroads.

Benefits of our coaching

Through working with us, individuals are empowered to:
  • Identify and articulate what kind of leader they want to be
  • Take ownership of careers and define their version of success and fulfilment
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to lead teams with emotional intelligence and confident – promoting resilience and empathy
  • Increase self-awareness to ensure that communication is effective, empathetic and clear
  • Build personal resilience and prioritise their own wellbeing in order that they can operate at their peak and have longevity in their roles
  • Create positive change and build optimism for their professional futures
  • Become more fulfilled, confident and resilient as a leader
  • Have a clear view on their professional legacy with goals and ambitions to support.
We believe in contagious leadership and how individuals can have a positive impact on wider workplace culture and their teams through deeper self-awareness. Our coaching aims to support this evolution.

How does our coaching work?

Our coaching programmes are bespoke to the coachee’s and organisation’s needs however, we typically work in the following way:

  1. We work with clients over a 6-12 month period for our programmes – building relationships with longevity.
  2. We recommend combining our coaching programmes with a psychometric assessment either as a self-reporting exercise or a 360-feedback programme. We are delighted to offer both EQi 2.0 and EQi 360 tools and Strengthscope and Strengthscope Leader as well as a range of other psychometric tools.
  3. Our coaching curriculum is bespoke – based on the development needs and goals of the coachee and the organisational context and challenges. Before embarking on coaching, we recommend having an in-depth conversation with us to discuss aims, objectives and measures of success.
  4. We utilise a variety of coaching models and interventions based on our deep coaching experience – these may include traditional leadership models, NLP techniques and hypnotherapy.
  5. All our coaches have an area of expertise or professional passion in the coaching arena whether that’s positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, confidence or resilience.
  6. We only offer coaching with accredited coaches who have qualifications with leading coaching bodies and are regularly in supervision. You can also request to be coached by one of our founders, Phanella or Natalie.

Our pricing structures are based on career stage and complexity of coaching need. We offer a discount if the coaching is to be funded by the individual and not the company.

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